Sunday, March 15, 2009

MMS and Surfing Data : Access Points

SingTel supports only local data usage and MMS for her prepaid hi-card.

SingTel Prepaid hi-card Setup
1. Dial *IDEAS (or *43327). You will receive an SMS. Following the instructions and provide your mobile phone model to get the settings for installation from SingTel.

2. You can otherwise try to set your own Access Point settings
APN: hicard , Username: 65IDEAS, Bearer: Packet Data or GPRS

SingTel Prepaid Data Charges
Pay Per Use (per KBAccess Rate
(Exclusive of GST)
Access Rate
(Inclusive of GST)
2G Prepaid Data – Local $0.0050$0.0054

MMS Charges
Image Sizehi!Card to S'pore Mobile Numbers
hi!Card Global MMS to Overseas
0-5 kb11 cents 20 cents
>5-30 kb33 cents 60 cents
>30-100 kb86 cents$1.00
>100-300 kb86 cents*$1.00*
*Promotional rates - see main site

Prepaid Top-Up Cards

To top up your SingTel hi card, you can choose from

1. BonuS$30 - Pay a face-value of S$15 to receive S$30 value

2. Hot$128 - Pay a face-value of S$28 to receive S$128 value. The S$128 is split into two accounts - one with a S$100 value for local calls and SMS; the second with a S$28 value for IDD calls and global SMS.

3. General prepaid top-up cards - with face values starting at $10, $15, $20, $25 and so on. These you might only find at SingTel stores and authorized dealers.

4. Payphone - Add S$2 only at any SingTel payphone. Just add 10 cents first to start a call and you see an option with "Easy Top-up" on the display screen. Press the button and follow the instructions.

Top-up hi-card steps

1. Just dial 9676-7777 (toll-free) on your mobile phone

2. Select option 2 .

3. Enter the 10-digit Card number on the back of your Top-Up Card, followed by
the "#" key.

4. Enter your 6-digit PIN (you need to scratch off the panel from the back),
followed by the "#" key.